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The best software is likened with the best cars. Fast, Furious and to the point. Take the likes of Facebook, Google, IBM, Microsoft..

The top Software Creators of this world are now recognized in line with the top Haute Couture, the best Architects, Sports car brands, "The Noses" in French perfume...

The top league must master his profession, and again that mastery comprises of unbeatable integrity, top ability to organize, control, the architecture, design, engineering, implementation, maintenance, sales, user interface, user experience... There is an entire range of business related disciplines which are similar between the top car makers and the top software makers of this world.

If you want the best in software, the computerized services excelsior, its like if you want the best in cars. It takes investment, commitment, dedication, intent, unbendable integrity.

Digital Age Software House is a part of the elite software constructors, a contractor with world class software architects, database designers, web programmers, masters of user experience.






The best machines in the best cars takes unique design. Everything from air intake, to combustion, to crank shaft, pistons, cylinders, ignition must be carefully crafted

A software must scale as easy as stepping on an accelerator.

Software must be accurate like a sports car steering.

The user interface must be as understandable as the Dash Board in a well designed car. The User Experience must creep in under the skin by osmosis - just like a good joke.

Ask yourself - how can a Porsche Carrera 911 perform, if not each and every part of it isn't crafted with integrity, excellence, love, care, touch?


  • 2009 Genaco Verigen - Anti Counterfeit
  • 2010 Visitors Registry
  • 2011 Yatima - Global Orphanage Handling
  • 2012 Security Guard Monitoring
  • 2013 The Pacer - Sales Pacer / Community / Manager
  • 2014 Hotel Room Booking - with Fraud detection
  • 2015 Kenya Judiciary


  • Software as a Service is one of the most powerful inventions: Instead of having technicians running around, you leave the tech in a data center
  • Software as a Service makes it possible for many corporates to share infrastructure, while keeping their data separate
  • Software as a Service reduces the need for hardware, security, firewalls as this is left for professionals to take care of in the data center

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